XR in Learning and Development (S1E2)

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49 min | Show: Futurescope

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1. Ladana Edwards & Thomas De Bruyne

2. Daniel Seidl

How do you scale a learning program fast across a whole organization while cutting costs? How do you train your people remotely? Virtual and augmented reality is here to revolutionize learning and development in organizations and these are some of their promises. Is it a fair estimate and where are we in this process today?

Soft skills education market is expected to grow 12% annually between 2021 and 2025. VR/AR and AI are a major driver of this growth allowing to create learning environments with an unparalleled level of immersion. Imagine you can train presentation skills in front of a virtual crowd, practice coaching with a virtual coachee or even expand your empathy and explore cognitive biases in a safe simulated environment. 

Hard skills learning is another chapter in this fast changing business environment where positions and jobs evolve and change faster than never. Employees are required to quickly “re-tool” with new fundamental and mandatory job skills (safety, job training, onboarding…) and develop more individual skills. How can AR/VR help us improve quality, efficiency, and impact of such occupational learning and development programs? 

Let’s explore together what are the pros and cons of such approaches,  what is possible already now and what can you expect in near future.

Why should I watch the episode?

This episode will provide guidance on the L&D journey leading to the inclusion of VR and AR in soft and hard skills training, be it for your personal development, or for L&D specialists and leaders looking for ways how to continuously and efficiently develop new competencies within their organisation. 

We will show you why spending some money on XR training is worth considering as (a) part of your strategy. You’ll hear from experienced professionals in the field and have a chance to take part with your own questions and opinions in the interactive parts. 

What will be my take-home value?

  1. To understand how XR can be used for employee training, learning, and development of both hard and soft skills.
  2. Practical use cases and inspiration on what to try on your own.
  3. Continue working with our VR scorecard assessing where’s your organization at.
  4. An urge to see next Futurescope episodes.

Who are the hosts?

Luboš Malý

Luboš Malý has tried various roles from process engineering, through managerial roles up to global transformation projects. As an Innovations in Operations Director at the LEGO Group he focuses on utilisation of exponential technologies for making toys for the future generations of kids and adults. He co-founded the RedButton network whose purpose is to cultivate the environment in Czech and Slovak companies. Finally, he’d like to support sustainable shopping by the earthnest project. The marketplace directly contributes to Sustainable Development Goals by the UN. He changes organisations to organisms, employees to entrepreneurs and hierarchies to communities in his activities while connecting distant worlds of Virtual Reality, Robotics, Additive Manufacturing or Digitalisation with a sustainable and playful approach to work.

Martin Holečko

Martin Holečko is a visionary passionate about exploring how converging exponential technologies rapidly and profoundly change our lives and inspiring others to use them wisely to improve the world around us.

Currently Martin leads Future Port Prague, an international futuristic conference and festival focusing on exactly that. Since 2017, it has become a leading Central European gathering of innovators, enthusiasts, and leaders with 10k+ annual attendance.

Back in 1997 Martin co-founded Etnetera, today a group of hi-tech companies reinventing their clients‘ businesses for the digital age. He was also at the birth of VRgineers in 2016, the world’s leading producer of high-end VR headsets for professional use.

Martin’s secret weapons are imagination, creativity, and the ability to excite and lead others towards a bold vision. He is most inspired by inspiring others to dare to think big.

Find a buddy and explore opportunities together

Time needed: 2 hours


“AR/VR seems to have many benefits but sometimes it feels like sci-fi and my colleagues are occupied with solving problems of here and now. I wish I could do something in our company to look more ahead and perhaps to inspire others. I know we’ve been training people for decades and our current system and approach is not bad at all. Is it ready for upcoming years and skills we’ll need? To what extend would it meet expectations of the next generation of our colleagues?”

Why should you accept the challenge?

The story of AR/VR in Learning and Development starts with building awareness. The desire typically comes with showing it’s benefits by real use cases and building positive emotion. Keep in mind only few people might be so called “first adopters” who’d like to join you. Who are they in your organisation? What if they have similar intentions and see potential in AR/VR as a solution to some of your L&D challenges. Can you take the first step and connect people around the idea?  Finding her/him/them is the way to turn Futurescope inspiration into a joint exploration and  action. Good luck, stay safe and have fun.

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Po přijetí výzvy se vám zobrazí detailní instrukce.

What should I do?

If you consider yourself a “curious connector” here’s what you should do:

  1. Ask someone responsible for driving your Learning & Development for a 30mins coffee with a topic of “Idea for impactful soft/hard skills training in AR/VR”
  2. Meet and have a dialogue about following…
    • What are current soft/hard skills we’re looking into?
    • Has anybody already considered AR/VR for training and what was the result?
    • Is there anybody currently exploring it or at least has interest in using tech for L&D?
    • Explain to them what is it that you like about it and what impediments are you worried about.
  3. See if there is one or more buddies you can start “playing” with
  4. The next steps are up to you… the more connected people are the easier to innovate 🙂 Ideas for inspiration: arrange a VR workshop; find few headsets and arrange a meeting in it; try any of apps presented in the 2nd episode – Virtualspeech, Bodyswaps, Nature Traks VR, Richie’s Plank

Since you will complete the challenge, please share reflection with us.


Scorecard: to what extend does your organization leverage VR in Learning and Development?

Time needed: 2 hours


“It’s a nightmare there is so much change in our lives and jobs nowadays. People have to learn new things non-stop, from new technologies and remote working to soft-skills like negotiation, conflict management, and empathy. But you know – meeting expectations of our leaders and “deliver” new skills systematically, fast with almost immediate impact  is not easy. Is there any chance we step change our approach?”

Why should you accept the challenge?

  • How can you cope with the pace of learning and development required by today’s fast changing environment? Does your organization look at VR as a tool to leverage in times where rapid adoption requirements and travel restrictions shape our businesses? 
  • We invite you to use this scorecard to assess where you are and where you would like to be in a year, to present your ideas to colleagues and to start building a momentum to modernize the way your company trains its employees.
Přijmout výzvu
Po přijetí výzvy se vám zobrazí detailní instrukce.

What should I do?

  1. Download the XR Mindset and Technology Adoption Scorecard (pdf)
  2. Assess yourself and see where you think you are as a company, department or team. Assess where you would like to be 1 year from now.
  3. Arrange a 1hr meeting with key employees or colleagues and discuss and brainstorm AR/VR opportunities in Learning and Development
  4. Agree on the current state and also targets that would match AR/VR possibilities with your business needs
  5. Define 1 action the team would like to get done to strengthen the AR/VR adoption score in the next quarter

Since you will complete the challenge, please share reflection with us.


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