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Expedition: Maverick 2034

Welcome to the Digital Accelerator Program. An 8 months long development journey in which you become a digital ambassador ready for years to come.

Participants of the program will:

  • Understand Digital Transformation at Mattoni and around the world

  • Develop new skills in practical use of modern IT tools, apps and systems

  • Learn from internal and external experts

  • Be on top of Business Tech trends in their areas

  • Build experience and network that will keep them up to speed

  • Become pioneers of digitalization at Mattoni

Prague, Budapest

September 2024 - May 2025

25 participants

15 internal and external experts

11 days of training,
5 days of experiments

Do you have what it takes? Joining the program brings a lot of benefits and new skills. However, the mission requires your commitment and you will have to:

Sign a documented commitment: "Ambassador pact"

Share activities either internally or externally as a part of reflection

Actively participate in all parts of the program

Change activities in a project or team ways of working per program part

Finaly summarize  benefits for yourself, the team and Mattoni

Pioneer, evangelize and continue keep on bringing new improvement ideas

Committing to such a program might be a difficult choice, we’re here to help you. Sign up for one of our Q&A sessions with a program leads.

Journey to Digital Ambassadorship

Kick off

13/9 2024 Prague

Digital Transformation

9 - 10/10 2024 Prague

Digital Bootcamp

11 - 13/11 2024 Prague

Living the Change

29 - 30/1 2025 Budapest

Functional Digital Expertize

March 2025 Online

Company / Expert Tours

April 2025 TBD


May 2025 TBD