Future of Reality – Virtual worlds as the new business frontier (S1E1)

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61 min | Show: Futurescope

XR (the abbreviation summing up virtual (VR), augmented (AR), and mixed reality (MR) is something you will increasingly hear about in the business context.

Sometimes called spatial computing because it transforms our information-centric lives from our flat 2D screens into 3 dimensions, promises to be the next vast business frontier opening in front of us. 

Imagine XR being today like the internet was in 1995 or smartphones in 2008 – growing pains and trials & errors are soon behind us, the tech is maturing. 

What will you do, not to miss the soon-departing train?

Why should I watch the episode?

  • To gain context and understanding about XR and its impact across businesses. In the first episode of a 3-part mini-series on XR you’ll meet local and international luminaries of the field who will explain basic terminology, key milestones, current possibilities as well as anticipated development, and impact in near future.

What will be my take-home value?

  1. Understanding of fundamental XR concepts, terminology and where this technology comes from, and where it is heading.
  2. XR Scorecard for assessing the readiness of your business in various impact factors of this technology.
  3. Ideas on how to start experimenting with the technology with low entry costs and, potentially, a decisive impact on your business.
  4. And hopefully, an urge to watch the next episode…

Who are the hosts?

Luboš Malý

Luboš Malý has tried various roles from process engineering, through managerial roles up to global transformation projects. As an Innovations in Operations Director at the LEGO Group he focuses on utilisation of exponential technologies for making toys for the future generations of kids and adults. He co-founded the RedButton network whose purpose is to cultivate the environment in Czech and Slovak companies. Finally, he’d like to support sustainable shopping by the earthnest project. The marketplace directly contributes to Sustainable Development Goals by the UN. He changes organisations to organisms, employees to entrepreneurs and hierarchies to communities in his activities while connecting distant worlds of Virtual Reality, Robotics, Additive Manufacturing or Digitalisation with a sustainable and playful approach to work.

Martin Holečko

Martin Holečko is a visionary passionate about exploring how converging exponential technologies rapidly and profoundly change our lives and inspiring others to use them wisely to improve the world around us.

Currently Martin leads Future Port Prague, an international futuristic conference and festival focusing on exactly that. Since 2017, it has become a leading Central European gathering of innovators, enthusiasts, and leaders with 10k+ annual attendance.

Back in 1997 Martin co-founded Etnetera, today a group of hi-tech companies reinventing their clients‘ businesses for the digital age. He was also at the birth of VRgineers in 2016, the world’s leading producer of high-end VR headsets for professional use.

Martin’s secret weapons are imagination, creativity, and the ability to excite and lead others towards a bold vision. He is most inspired by inspiring others to dare to think big.

First steps in AR/VR for curious explorers

Time needed: 2 hours


“It was like joining Alice in Wonderland. My brain got used to the virtual world very fast. I completely forgot about the headset as I was trying a rollercoaster, Angry Birds and then a few more games. And then I wanted something more meaningful, my face got sweat and I lost the track of time. With the Zoom fatigue I experience every day I am hopeful that the AR/VR might turn my home-office or meetings with colleagues in other locations into something much more enjoyable. I feel as if I had to learn how to walk again…in a good way. My partner thinks I’m a bit crazy…but he’s just jealous I guess :-).”

Why should you accept the challenge?

What is your story about the first steps on the AR/VR journey? All guests (and hosts too) agreed that the best way forward is to try VR on our own. No words can describe the experience. That is the way to turn Futurescope inspiration into an action with a potentially big impact on what you do. Good luck, stay safe and have fun.

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Detailed instructions will be shown after accepting the challange.

What should I do?

If you consider yourself a “curious explorer” with limited experience here’s what you should do:

  1. Select a VR headset you like (latest comparison
  2. Buy new / Buy second hand / Borrow a VR headset – a standalone headset like Oculus Quest 1 or 2 is recommended since it doesn’t require a high performance PC.
  3. Do one of following and the rest is up to you
    1. Finish 1 Beatsaber song (free demo)
    2. Organise 1 meeting in Spatial
    3. Watch 1 short movie in VR (eg. Jurassic Park)
    4. Paint 1 spatial picture in TiltBrush (paid app)
  4. Show it to and share your experience with 1 colleague

Since you will complete the challenge, please share reflection with us.


An AR/VR guiding star for innovators and leaders

Time needed: 2 hours


“We were about to prepare a plan for the next year. It is an important session for the whole team. I was somehow nervous since … you know … meeting after meeting, the whole covid year didn’t help either and we were busy with my wife home schooling for a few months too. And yet I know we have to do something differently … find new ways to engage our clients and also help our colleagues think more “digital first”. Insights from markets show that customer experience is more important than ever. We assessed options and decided priority projects. I’m glad I persuaded others that having the AR/VR competency is an important step towards a sustainable and competitive portfolio. ”

Why should you accept the challenge?

How could you accelerate the AR/VR journey in your organisation? You’ve heard examples from Artur and Aaron. The basic message is that the later you join the race the worse and more expensive it gets. But where to start? Perhaps an assessment of technology adoption is the right first step.

Accept the challenge Accepted by 6 people already
Detailed instructions will be shown after accepting the challange.

What should I do?

If you consider yourself an “entrepreneurial innovator” supporting progress and competitiveness of your organisation or perhaps a “capability builder” making sure your colleagues are up to date with the world outside here’s what you should do:

  1. Download the XR Mindset and Technology Adoption Scorecard.
  2. Assess yourself and see where you think you are as a company, department or team. Assess where you would like to be 1y from now.
  3. Arrange a 1hr meeting with key employees or colleagues with a focus on AR/VR opportunities (either it is in product design, service design, manufacturing or employee experience).
  4. Agree on the current state and also targets that would match AR/VR possibilities with your business needs.
  5. Define 1 action the team would like to get done to strengthen the AR/VR adoption score in the next quarter.

Since you will complete the challenge, please share reflection with us.






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