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Here you can find all team and personal challenges. 

The goal is to choose and complete one team challenge per month and one personal challenge per week.

Personal Challenges

1. One learns by making mistakes           

Take the space to find a mistake in your past that turned out to be a valuable lesson. Think about how you were able to turn the mistake into something beneficial and if you can apply the same technique to mistakes yet to come.

2. Feedback is a gift

Prepare small gifts for your colleagues (maybe even handmade) that express what you appreciate about them. Give them the gifts with an explanation of what the gift symbolizes (e.g., a small chocolate bar to someone who always makes you feel better).

3. Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?

Does some self-reflection - ask yourself "What did I do well? What do I think I am good at? What do I think I should improve?" Write it down and hang it visibly in your workplace.

4. The power of social media

Post an appraisal for one of your colleagues on LinkedIn (or another social network), explaining what you appreciate about him/her and why.

5. A picture is worth 1000 words

Prepare a picture for your colleague (paint it, find it on the internet, create a collage...) that shows what you appreciate about him/her from a work point of view.

6. Tell me the truth

Before an important work activity (e.g., presentations, leading a meeting), ask a colleague to focus on your performance and then give you feedback on what to improve next time.

7. Wear one's heart on one's sleeve

Record feedback for a colleague in a voice message and send it to him/her.

8. If you don’t ask, you don’t get

Ask at least three of your colleagues to tell you what you should improve. Based on this input, take at least one specific action for improvement

9. Curiosity killed the cat

Organize a lunch with someone who is not a member of your team. Over lunch with him/her, discuss the biggest challenges of the last year and how they overcame them.

10. It's not rocket science

When you shop in a store, give feedback to the salesperson - what you liked and what he/she should change.

11. Scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours

Take a colleague outside for the next 1:1 meeting. Go next to each other and talk. Observe the differences from the meeting in the office.

12. Out of sight, out of mind

Put yourself on "out of office" status for a day with a note to have people call you if it's urgent. Work normally. Anybody call you? How did you feel?

13. Actions speak louder than words

Think of three colleagues who exemplify courage, focus or curiosity. Write on a post-it, "thank you for..." and what they did and pass it on to them without further explanation.

14. Two heads are better than one

Ask three people outside your team what feedback means to them.

15. The ball is in your court

Make a list on your phone/computer of what did not work well today. Think about how to do it differently tomorrow/next time.

16. Nothing ventured, nothing gained

Write down: a) one thing you did wrong this week; b) what you learned from it; c) what you will do differently next time. Share it with your team or leader.

17. Honesty is the best policy

Think of the last time you made a mistake. Email the person affected by your mistake with the subject line "I made a mistake" and ask him/her what you can do differently next time to avoid making a mistake.

18. Love me – love my dog

Ask a colleague to recommend his/her favorite blog/newsletter, subscribe and read it. Then discuss with your colleague what you think about it.

19. Nothing is older than yesterday's newspaper

Share with your team something important and interesting you've read online. Make it interesting and summarize why it is important to you and the team.

20. Reflection diary

Keep a diary for at least 4 weeks to record your thoughts and feelings about your work or personal development. This journal can help you improve your self-reflection skills and learn from your own experiences.

Team Challenges

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1. A penny for your thoughts

Prepare a mood meter with your team and start using it.

2. Give credit where credit is due

Set up an "appreciation board" with your team.

3. It’s a small world

Take inspiration from the internet.

4. Variety is the spice of life

Try to change one team process.

5. Truth prevails

Organize a team meeting for instructive feedback.

6. Two heads are better than one

Organize an activity with your team on the importance of feedback.

7. Two truths and a lie

Two truths and a lie is an excellent way to demonstrate the creativity, sense of humor, and unique personal histories of your team members.

8. Feedback in minute tick-tock

Organize a minute feedback with your team.

9. Bridges and chasms

Organize a "bridges and chasms" exercise with your team.

10. How is our project?

Feedback on the project work.